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Wordless Wednesday | 10-22-14


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday | 10-22-14”

  1. Hi Schelley, I am late this time as I was away from the office during the afternoon. Loved this photo of the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters! Pure power! Thanks so much for showing the equipment from a different angle! I suggest the Nasa team to call you for the next launches of the Spacex rockets because your blogs from Nasa really rock the WordPress crowd! Take care, my friend! 🙂


    1. Hi Fabio, I’m so glad I got to read this again today, especially on a Monday! I didn’t make the cut for the Orion launch in December, but still plan on going rogue! (Just not as great a launch viewing opportunity, but still, a rocket launch, right?)
      I’m so sorry for such the late reply, but I’ve got a great reason. I adopted a rescue dog October 24th, his name is Boo, and I’ll tell you more later. He’s got my heart, for sure!
      Take care, Fabio! And have a super Monday!

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      1. Great news, Schelley! I am so happy, for the dog, and for you and your family! Looking forward to seeing Boo’s photos! And the name was well chosen and I like it very much! Take care, my friend! A big smile to you! 🙂 Thanks so much! 🙂 Fabio


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