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Rain Rain Rain


After two days of practically non-stop dreary, dank, wet weather, I’m reminded of how beautiful the rain forest is in Costa Rica. At least it didn’t thunder. And look at the results! Lush magnificence!

3 thoughts on “Rain Rain Rain”

  1. Schelley, Thanks so much for sharing “Pura Vida” over the year with us! For sure Santa will be good to you, Ian, and Paul (let’s not forget Boo!) All the best, my dear friend, and take care! 🙂 Fabio

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      1. Thanks so much, Schelley! We just came back from Melbourne and Sydney. They are great cities, as you know. We are going to check the baby tomorrow. You and yours have a GREAT weekend! And keep up your generous smile! Take care! 🙂


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