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Casa Cassidy: The Future Home

In 2014, we purchased a lot in Havana, Florida, and have since been consumed with selecting everything to do with building a house. Plumbing and lighting and baseboards, oh my! Floor plans and changes and more changes, oh my! And now comes the financial portion. Sign here and here and there and there and provide this and that. And sign this! And this! Oh my. Thus, I don’t have a lot of time (not that I ever did). Plus, I’ve got that new dog, Boo, who has stolen my heart and thus, I don’t haveย a lot of camera time. Oh woe is Schelley. Ha! Ian (the tween son, who rarely wants to do anything with me anymore, I mean I am the mom) and I took Boo to our big lot of dirt, trees, and bushes for an unleashed adventure. Like a good dog, he marked his spot – right on the survey marker. Good dog! Here’s a little tour of our future home site and neighborhood, Twin Ponds. I spotted these three deer as we were leaving the neighborhood. We’ve seen deer out there several times!

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