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Photo Challenge: Grid


Grid: So many grids contained within the vast Vehicle Assembly Building in Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The building is amazing!

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I Spy a Dragonfly


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Once upon a time, I started this blog as What Is It?!? A Project in Perspective, and although the original intent of the blog has evolved and changed, the lesson continued to survive. After 365 consecutive days in a row of posting abstract macro photographs, I learned to find not only the beauty, but uniqueness, of each particular object in everyday life. Things that we might not ever notice with the naked eye, or just never pay attention to, started to jump out at me. Well, at least in the photography realm, or what my eye envisioned. Sometimes you discover┬áthe lesson years later … in my case, it truly is all about perspective, the way you choose to look at things, the types of statements you make to yourself, about yourself, about life. The same boulder that can break your back, is the same back that can break the boulder. A rock is a rock, or it can be a wall, it can be a foundation; it can be a ruin. But even in ruination one can find the beauty.

Side note: I snapped this image while driving along the Irish countryside in 2010; all over you can see boulders and rocks like these, and these ancient walls, once hand assembled such a long, long time ago, remind me of the sheer determination of the human will. Perspective.

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Fall Tease


The leaves know fall is coming, red tips reveal.

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Wordless Wednesday | 09-02-15


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Bared Branches, Twisted Souls


Sometimes life isn’t what you expected, sometimes you feel like a tree with vines suffocating you with its bared branches, revealing your twisted soul.