5 thoughts on “IMG_6979Deer”

      1. Have you moved already to the new home? The photo has many hints of the Floridian wilderness. Only a lake is missing. Great to hear from you, as always! Have a wonderful day! 😉


        1. Fabio, guess what. If this picture extended to the right, you’d see Lake Frances, which is behind all of these trees. The bluish area you see is actually over the lake. There’s also a pond across the street, but it’s not visible from the new house. Yes, in the new house yet still cleaning out the old one to sell. SIGH … I hope to NEVER move again! One accumulates too many things over 17 years of not moving. Have a super week! 😀


          1. Hello Schelley, congratulations to you and your husband for the new home and good luck in the transaction of the old one! We spent almost three days in Ft. Myers and we’re leaving now. Hope one day we can meet. All the best and have a wonderful week ahead!


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