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Wordless Wednesday | 02-03-16


Animals, Art, Creativity, Nature, Photographs, Photography

The Leafy Seadragon

I discovered these incredibly fascinating creatures at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida. Here’s some information:

“Much like the seahorse, the leafy seadragon’s name is derived from its resemblance to another creature (in this case, the mythical dragon). While not large, they are slightly larger than most seahorses, growing to about 20–24 cm (8–10 in). They feed on plankton and small crustaceans.”

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Here’s my rendition of “Hawkeye,” as this hawk certainly had his eye trained on me the entire time I focused my camera on him.

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The Hawks

We have a pair of hawks that regularly call our neighborhood home; I spotted both of them on the roof of two houses last evening. They are beautiful, graceful creatures. I’d love to capture an image of them flying!

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The Purple Crested Hummingbird

I realized today that I never posted my Purple Crested Hummingbird photographs from our summer Costa Rica trip. These images alone helped me justify the purchase of that new 70-300 L series lens. Suddenly I thought, “that lens is worth every single penny!” These? Are my absolute most favorite hummingbirds ever! (They were also kind enough to pose long enough to capture these images. Hummingbirds are fast! You can feel their wings pushing the air when they fly by you, you can hear how fast those wings are beating! Simply incredible creatures.

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So why hasn’t Schelley been posting lots of pictures lately? What’s going on?!? Well, here’s your answer, and his name is Boo! Meet the newest family member of Casa Cassidy, our rescue dog. Actually, we’ve had him over five weeks now, and he’s thoroughly at home now. But it’s been a rough road for Boo.

This poor pup was found on the side of the road starving to death, eating roadkill. He was parasite infested, flea infested, and according to the vet that ended up treating him, he was close to death. Thank goodness for Christine and Barry Janks at Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation in Alachua, Florida; they were driving home and saw this deserted/dumped fellow and saved him. They rescued him from death! Here’s what Boo looked like at 29 pounds, sixteen pounds underweight. It just sickens me, especially knowing now that Boo was likely very abused before being dumped. He sports a very large scar on his back, and lots of scars all over his body. He doesn’t trust men, he quivers at the sight of a hose, clothes hanger, PVC pipe, or sticks in general.


Boo didn’t make a sound for almost three weeks. Not one bark. Apparently he howls when I leave home. But no barks ever. … until the pest control man was outside our house. Suddenly my quiet boy turned into a growling, barking dog! It took over three weeks for the poor guy to really know this was his forever home. He’d vomit each time we’d get in the car, probably because he didn’t know if he was being dumped again. But how in the heck did he end up with me? … read on. 😉

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words


I knew about Boo because I follow Carson Springs on Facebook, and good for them, they posted daily updates about Boo, along with pictures. This one in particular got me. Or rather, Boo got me. Think me crazy or not, this pup spoke to me through a picture and told me he wanted to be a part of our family. Seriously.

Even though he was two and a half hours away, I KNEW that THIS dog HAD to be a part of OUR family. My gut told me this, my heart told me this. So almost one month after his rescue, I drove to Alachua, and picked up Boo.


Bringing Boo into our lives was the best thing I could have done. He has so enriched our lives and he’s truly one of us. He’s a funny guy, he breathes loud and hard like an old man, snores, loves to play with blankets, has become quite attached to just one of my shoes, and now adores to go on car trips. He loves the Lake Jackson Indian Mounds just as much as I do!


So this is why you haven’t seen many pictures lately. I’ve been busy with my pup, Boo! And yes, you can expect more pictures. 🙂


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2014_07_14_9999_79 2014_07_14_9999_80

(Two Images) I love this toucan; he/she posed for me! Taken at La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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Wordless Wednesday | 8-13-14


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Wordless Wednesday | 07-23-14


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Mommy and Daddy Cardinal

We have a mommy and daddy Cardinal with a family of two babies in a nest resting just about eye level in our Bradford Pear tree. I just happened to be around, armed with camera, when daddy Cardinal arrived with food and cautiously made his way, branch to branch, to the nest to feed his babies. This series of pictures, by the way, justifies my entire purchase on that new Canon 70-300mm L lens – you can see the food in the Cardinal’s mouth!