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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Spot the Spot-i-cus

You don’t need this iPad. I’ll take care of it for you.
I’m just a big lover boy, I mean look at me!
Yes, I let her put this hat on me. The things I put up with!

Meet Spot, also known as “Spoticus” or “Big Boy” for his mighty girth. (Three pictures) He is truly one huge cat!

He was an impulse bring-home-a-new-kitty type deal (I held him at a friend’s place and he fell asleep in the crook of my arm, like how could I not bring him home?!?) Well, after getting in trouble with dear hubby, Spot stole his heart, too. Unfortunately, he didn’t win over either of the girl cats, but that’s a different story! He’s very vocal, loves to be patted on his rump, and squirms so with delight, he cannot sit still. He’s my big lover boy!

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