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Day 254/365 – Something to Remember

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Confucius

And yet sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s incomprehensible. So we surround ourselves with that which we can fathom, those that we love, and we remember. Looking back through images over the last decade, 12 years ago was life pre-kid, a time I can barely remember. Twelve years ago, just a day before the attacks, hubby and I had traveled back from Las Vegas with friends. That following weekend, our entire family stayed at a beach house on St. George Island, Florida. Standing outside at night we noticed total silence, both on land and in the sky, not one airplane seen for days on end. Silence. Nothing. And then soon, our lives changed, much for the better, after so long, I was finally pregnant! Fast forward and here we are today. Has it really been that long?

Although the incomprehensible is just that, it’s also definitely something to remember. Makes you see life in a different perspective. Snapshots in time. That’s what photographs are …

So on that note, today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture is ready for your guessing pleasure. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 253)

Was it button(s) or a knob? Neither a button or knob. A tail light? Not a tail light. Brenda begins: A class ring? Not a class ring but you’re in the right vicinity. (See, sometimes I give subtle clues in my replies …) Necklace? Not a necklace. Part of a crest? Not part of a crest. Venture back to the correct vicinity! Earring? Not an earring? Pin? Nor a pin. “The shield of a knight, charging the dragon, sun blinding him and fire curling his hair.” I was wondering when Brenda, the Ultimate Wordsmith, would guess something like this! Alas, the dragon is sleeping (and we know not to poke the sleeping dragon) and the knight, who knows where he is? And now for your clue: This subject is closest to your first guess. :D Another sort of ring? Not a ring, “closest” is your key word.

Just when I think I have a “give away” picture, no-one guesses it, which means all I’ve learned is never to expect or assume! Brenda, you were so close. Literally. Think what is closest to your fingers/hand? Your wrist …

… so what you saw was part of a bracelet/bangle. Can you see it now?


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I Spy Spiders!

Three spiders were intensely spinning their webs in my garden yesterday; I was able to get photographs of two. Spiders are quite extraordinary! Click the gallery to see the best picture (bottom)!

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The Fish

Aren’t Mother Nature’s sea creatures beautiful?

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Lion Fish

What glorious, graceful Lion fish! (Three pictures)




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Jellyfish Gallery II

I believe my favorite subjects to photograph at the Georgia Aquarium were the jellyfish. Can you tell? 🙂