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Wordless Wednesday | 02-03-16


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Wordless Wednesday | 8-13-14


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Tales of Bobcat Tails

My hometown, Tallahassee, Florida is not only home to the #1 Undefeated FSU Seminoles 2013 BCS National Champions (!), but also my beloved Junior Museum (officially the Tallahassee Museum). My son and I make regular treks to visit our feathered and furry friends in this natural outdoor habitat. The Tallahassee Museum is home to several species of animals, all of whom are injured or cannot survive in the wild. I have several favorite animals, particularly the elusive bobcats. It is a very rare occasion that I spot both, and a special one when I spot at least one in the tree. Well, did we ever get lucky our last trip, not only did we spot this beautiful bobcat in her tree, but she got up, stretched, and leisurely made her way down the tree, one shot is her looking straight at me.

The Florida wild bobcat (Felidae rufus Floridanus), in addition to the panther, are the two predatory big cats native to the Florida region. The bobcat is more common and much smaller than the panther, which is rarely sighted in the wild. So it is indeed a real treat to be able to see both Florida panthers and bobcats at this outdoor museum.

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Wordless Wednesday | 10-2-13


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Lizard Leaf

Found this cute little lizard hanging out in a leaf. I believe it is a Green Anole, a common lizard here in North Florida. (Five pictures)

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Spot the Spot-i-cus

You don’t need this iPad. I’ll take care of it for you.
I’m just a big lover boy, I mean look at me!
Yes, I let her put this hat on me. The things I put up with!

Meet Spot, also known as “Spoticus” or “Big Boy” for his mighty girth. (Three pictures) He is truly one huge cat!

He was an impulse bring-home-a-new-kitty type deal (I held him at a friend’s place and he fell asleep in the crook of my arm, like how could I not bring him home?!?) Well, after getting in trouble with dear hubby, Spot stole his heart, too. Unfortunately, he didn’t win over either of the girl cats, but that’s a different story! He’s very vocal, loves to be patted on his rump, and squirms so with delight, he cannot sit still. He’s my big lover boy!

If you’d like to see other precious pets, such as my ferocious furry feline, go to Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. You can play, too!

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I Spy a Baby Lizard

While playing in my garden yesterday, I found this baby lizard scurrying about. Luckily, it finally posed for me! (Two pictures)


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Hawk Watching


Who’s watching who? I love this hawk from the Tallahassee Museum. (Two pictures)

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Bengal Tiger

This is my favorite animal to visit at the Tallahassee Museum, a young male Bengal Tiger. He is quite the cat, my ferocious furry feline.

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are known for their massive power and strength.

Bengal Tigers live in India and are sometimes called “Indian tigers.” They are the most common tiger and comprise about half of all wild tigers. Over many centuries they have become an important part of Indian tradition and lore.

Female Bengal Tigers give birth to litters of two to six cubs, which they raise with little or no help from the male. Cubs are not able to hunt until they are 18 months old and remain with their mothers for two to three years, when they leave to find their own territory.

Tigers use their beautiful, distinctive coats as camouflage. Did you know that no two tigers have exactly the same stripes?

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Resting Eland


I’ve been asked to be a contributing author to WildlifeHub’s blog; the Resting Eland was my first photograph posted. I encourage you to check out to see more amazing wildlife pictures!