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Bared Branches, Twisted Souls


Sometimes life isn’t what you expected, sometimes you feel like a tree with vines suffocating you with its bared branches, revealing your twisted soul.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

When you’re at any space facility, particularly Kennedy Space Center in Florida, you find a universe full of out-of-this-world scale perspectives. Whether standing on a launch pad, seeing how massive the Liquid Hydrogen Flammable Gas tank looks in comparison to the tiny people on that “Ultra Boom” lift – or perhaps your mouth drops when you realize just how large the United Launch Alliance rocket boosters are, filling an entire building! Look at those workers having to get on fork lifts to even reach them! And, of course, there’s always reason to have fun; in this case, our friend’s miniature astronaut poses. (Of course, it’s a somber background with the fallen astronaut memorial behind the lil’ guy.)

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Wordless Wednesday | 12-17-14

Wispy Tree

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What Is It?!? – Week 25/52

Man is a universe within himself. – Bob Marley

It’s that time again – mystery pic time! Here is your 25th weekly “what is it?!?” mystery picture, ready for your guessing pleasure. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!? – Week 25/52

WhatIsIt Week25

What Was That?!? Last Week’s Picture – Week 24/52

Sarah guessed, “Celery in B&W?” Not celery. “A palm leaf or ornamental grass?” Not from a palm or ornamental grass. But you do get a ding for guessing a leaf. Of what, though? “I knew it was some sort of vegetation! Hmm, it could of course be a plant that’s well known in your region but alien to me! Looks quite similar to a corn leaf?” Not a corn leaf, and you could be correct, that this plant isn’t in your neck of the woods. It’s actually a leaf from a lily. “Is it really? Oh, we do have lilies but I thought their leaves were more smooth. Well done for foxing me!” Meanwhile, Jude was thinking along the same lines, “Palm leaf?” Not from a Palm, but it is a leaf. One more ding! Tracey asked, “Is it a Hosta Lily leaf?”“But no, cos we do have them here … hmmmm”

Between you ladies you’ve got three ding ding dings! So what was it? What you saw was part of a lily leaf. What type of lily? If I was a good gardener, I could tell you. My mom would have known, these lilies came from her. So anyway, how different it looks in black and white, eh? Seemed to give the leaf a different depth perspective.


P.S. This is just for JC: I did do this post while you were here. 😀 I know, I’m a stinker!


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Taking a new perspective on an old friend. I like the black and white image, it gives it a certain “graveyard” type feel.

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On the Move – In the Air

2014_05_10_9999_20 2014_05_10_9999_14

Another opportunity to capture these dancers on the move. The second image, although blurry, conveys movement to me (plus it’s abstract, which I like). 🙂

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Flower Turned Abstract


Converting this image to black and white totally changed this flower; it suddenly took on an abstract look.

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One Image, Three Perspectives | 4-19-14

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When you alter the color, an image takes on a new look. The black and white photo seems to emphasize the artistic panel, but I love the pop of blue in the colored image. I like the cream tone image, too, because it blends everything. What’s your favorite? (I can’t decide!)

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Dancing Trees


This image was nice in color, but when I converted it to black and white, suddenly the trees came alive, showing me its dancing arms, all waving to the sky. Do you see that, too?

Image taken in San Antonio, Texas.

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Reed Reflection


I love the black and white rendition of this photograph, the reeds take on an abstract look in the water. Photograph taken at St. Marks National Refuge, Florida.