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What Is It?!? – Week 21/52

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. – Joseph Campbell

It’s been busy here over at Casa Cassidy, and by busy I mean overwhelming. Already the end of a school year, and I swear that school just started! Summer approaches and I’m ready for some pool time. Sadly, I have no pool. 😉 So here is your 21st weekly “what is it?!?” mystery picture. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Week 20/52 (Last Week’s Picture)

Brenda started off with, “Beer? Or ginger ale?” Not carbonation, it’s … “bubbles?” Kind of. Bubbles from what? One ding! “soap?” Not soap. “Schelley, you are tricky. I feel like I’ve seen this one before and gone through the same guessing pattern. And still I can’t remember the answer. Hmmm…. Is it edible? Did you change the color? Is it oil?” LOL! It is edible. I did not change the color. It isn’t oil. But I think that’s the picture you are remembering. Tracey jumped in, “Champagne?” Not champagne. It’s not carbonation, it’s … That Montreal Girl guessed, “7 up?” Not 7 up. Not carbonation, it’s … (Anyone know what I’m getting at here?) “Water?” It is water, do you know what FORM of water?” It’s not carbonation, it’s … One ding! “Dear lord … I’m stuck lol”  Hmmmm, it’s how that water formed that way. Does that help? “Nope lol I am really having a blond week” “Good grief, I still can’t figure it out lol” Preeti guessed, “Soda.” Not soda. Not carbonation, it’s … Jude mused, “I’m going for champagne – all those bubbles – get right up your nose” And I can feel my nose tickle! Alas, it’s not champagne. It’s not carbonation, it’s … “frog-spawn????” LOLOL! Nope, ribbit. Sarah guessed, “I wonder if it’s a glass ornament?” Not a glass ornament. Bill said, “I would’ve guessed air bubbles in wax, like an ornamental candle.” Not bubbles in wax, but love that perspective!  Sébastien said, “Looks like a body wash/shampoo that was shaken.” Not any type of body wash or shampoo. But you’re right, it does look like soap bubbles. Tracey said, “A sweaty glass of iced water? I’m totally no good at this.” Well, it is water, but not from a sweaty glass of iced water. So do you know what FORM of water this is? One ding so far! Sarah jumped back in, “Condensation?” Ding ding ding!

Yes, what you saw was condensation caused by water in a plastic bottle sitting out in the sun.