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On the Springs


Wishing this was where I would be currently, instead of documenting registry keys. sigh

I took this photograph at Wakulla Springs, Florida, my other favorite place to be. Full of wildlife and great scenery!

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Sunset Sky


The sunset skies around here in Tallahassee, Florida, have been stunning this past week. The rays beaming up to the sky definitely caught my attention. 🙂

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A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Run


My silly son – thinking he can catch the seagull – both in a run. 😀

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Dreaming of Summer

Sand Dunes

Already dreaming of summer! These are some of the sand dunes at Grayton Beach, Florida, my favorite beach ever.

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Whenever I get a chance, I take my 11-year old son, Ian, to the Lake Jackson Indian Mounds here in Tallahassee, Florida. This is my own personal refuge from the “real” world. When I was little, our mom used to take us there for picnics. I’ve been taking Ian ever since he could walk. There’s nothing more soothing than walking in the woods, hearing nothing but birds chirping, squirrels scampering up the trees, leaves falling, and the gentle rhythm of the creek water running. Ahhhhhhhh. Serenity!

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Bamboo Icicles

So it’s not every day that we get freezing conditions in Tallahassee, Florida, but it does happen. Check out my tropical bamboo draped in icicles. They are finally dripping today but gave me some great photos!

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Juxtaposition: Take Two


It’s not every day you get to see snow or ice in Northern Florida. Talk about a photo that screams, “Juxtaposition!” Icicles against the Florida license plate, go figure! It’s actually a snow day here in Tallahassee, of course, most of what we’ve seen is that cold, nasty frozen stuff, and no flakes! (insert sniffs of sadness here)

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Tales of Bobcat Tails

My hometown, Tallahassee, Florida is not only home to the #1 Undefeated FSU Seminoles 2013 BCS National Champions (!), but also my beloved Junior Museum (officially the Tallahassee Museum). My son and I make regular treks to visit our feathered and furry friends in this natural outdoor habitat. The Tallahassee Museum is home to several species of animals, all of whom are injured or cannot survive in the wild. I have several favorite animals, particularly the elusive bobcats. It is a very rare occasion that I spot both, and a special one when I spot at least one in the tree. Well, did we ever get lucky our last trip, not only did we spot this beautiful bobcat in her tree, but she got up, stretched, and leisurely made her way down the tree, one shot is her looking straight at me.

The Florida wild bobcat (Felidae rufus Floridanus), in addition to the panther, are the two predatory big cats native to the Florida region. The bobcat is more common and much smaller than the panther, which is rarely sighted in the wild. So it is indeed a real treat to be able to see both Florida panthers and bobcats at this outdoor museum.