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The Purple Crested Hummingbird

I realized today thatĀ I never posted my Purple Crested Hummingbird photographs from our summer Costa Rica trip. These images alone helped me justify the purchase of that new 70-300 L series lens. Suddenly I thought, “that lens is worth every single penny!” These? Are my absolute most favorite hummingbirds ever! (They were also kind enough to pose long enough to capture these images. Hummingbirds are fast! You can feel their wings pushing the air when they fly by you, you can hear how fast those wings are beating! Simply incredible creatures.

Art, Creativity, Nature, Photographs, Photography

Hovering Hummingbird

Why yes, I do seem to have a collection of photographs of various hummingbirds, eh? Hummingbirds are as common in Costa Rica as dragonflies in Florida, but seeing these speedy creatures here at home are a rare occasion. So I focused (literally!) on those hovering hummingbirds whenever I could. Which was quite a lot. šŸ˜‰

Pura Vida!

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The Hummingbird Duo


The Hummingbird duo, scoping out where to buzz off to next. These birds are quite difficult to photograph as they’re constantly moving! Fortunately, sometimes they stop for a millisecond or so. šŸ˜‰

Photograph taken at La Paz Waterfall Gardens,Ā located on the slopes of the Poas volcanoĀ in Costa Rica.

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Here Come the Hummingbirds

I just finished going through the Hummingbird photographs I took at La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica. Here’s a sneak peak, I’ve saved the best for later. Gosh, these areĀ some beautiful birds!