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Cracks in My Soul


I suppose the holes in my heart make room for the light. Cracks in my soul let the light in, sparkles in me.

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The Purple Crested Hummingbird

I realized today that I never posted my Purple Crested Hummingbird photographs from our summer Costa Rica trip. These images alone helped me justify the purchase of that new 70-300 L series lens. Suddenly I thought, “that lens is worth every single penny!” These? Are my absolute most favorite hummingbirds ever! (They were also kind enough to pose long enough to capture these images. Hummingbirds are fast! You can feel their wings pushing the air when they fly by you, you can hear how fast those wings are beating! Simply incredible creatures.

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Macro Monday | 10-06-14

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NASA Is Not Dead!

The word I want to spread is: NASA is not dead. It’s nowhere near dead. Just because the Shuttle program ended, NASA did not die, contrary to some’s beliefs! Since SpaceX joined the space party, there are regular rocket launches. And lots of excitement at Kennedy Space Center.

That place (the “undead” NASA) is alive and hopping with futuristic ideas, ingenious experiments, scientific data, with tricked-out test tubes, 3-D printers, and all kinds of experiments. And all led by uber, UBER intelligent engineers, scientists, physicists, rocket scientists, communications experts, program directors, thinkers, doers, the “imagineers.” That’s my type of people: living outside the box. And in their case, space!

How exciting is this place? I’ll tell you: my experience there as a NASASocial (aka “socialite”) ranks in the top three. And I live quite an exciting life – I have been all over the world – seen all kinds of wonderful things. I’m just saying that out of everything in my life, this was in the top three. What excited me? The people. Their ideas. The possibilities! Imagine printing a tool, a 3-D real tool, on demand, in space. How AWESOME is that?!?

I was one of 35 selected participants for the NASASocial held at Kennedy Space Center for the SpaceX4 Dragon launch February 18-20. Many of my hubby’s friends said to him, “Why isn’t that you?” My dear hubby is quite the space fanatic, I’m only a space junkie. He’s actually built a telescope. Out of wood. And a fully-functioning remote-controlled R2D2. … but back to the story … he explained that I wasn’t just picked at random like a lottery. I had to prove that I am active in social media, that I know how to write, and I’ll be able to reach an audience. This blog was probably the top reason I was picked: it shows that I can write and that I’m a photographer, too! Anyway, even though we all were selected for our communications talents, we were all extremely lucky and blessed to participate in such a mind-blowing, knee-slapping, jaw-dropping, most awesome-ever experience!

After we all gathered in the Press Annex, a portable building right next to CBS and Reuters, we were quickly rushed to the NASA TV broadcasting room, where we attended a series of informational panel sessions – all with the head honchos of NASA and all of the program directors, top scientists, and engineers for the various experiments that were being launched on the Dragon. 3-D printers, mice, fruit flies, plating experiments, RapidScat, oh my! I? Was absolutely enthralled. This is the type of work I initially wanted to do (reporting)! We NASA “socialites” were treated just like the media, some of us asked questions, there was a lot of camera clicking and tweeting going on in that room.

So instead of telling you about everything at once (and thus making this a novel), I’ll spread out the information and photos. And I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. (You can always read the captions, too.) 😀


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Wood Trek Find

2014_08_14_9999_74baby snake

(Two images) Look at the first image and see if you can spot what my son discovered in the woods. Although not the best pictures, I had to be quick. No time for framing!

Did you see it? The bottom image shows the tiny baby snake. I thought it was a worm at first until Ian said “look at the head!” Small as a leaf. Is it a Coral snake? Not sure. But wow, what a spot. Good one, Ian!

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The Butterfly Curlicue


This butterfly with the cutest curlicue posed long enough for me to capture this image. Taken at La Paz Waterfall in Costa Rica.

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La Noche en San Jose

2014_07_13_9999_227 2014_07_13_9999_225

Night in San Jose (two images) – We stayed our first night in the historic Gran Hotel Costa Rica in San Jose. This was our view from the dining room open balcony. The first image shows the colorful lights of the nightlife and the valley of lights behind. The second image is of the Teatro Nacional, a gorgeous building, particularly the inside! But that’s for a different post. 😉

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Here Come the Hummingbirds

I just finished going through the Hummingbird photographs I took at La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica. Here’s a sneak peak, I’ve saved the best for later. Gosh, these are some beautiful birds!

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Macro Monday | 07-07-14


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The Fanciful Frond

Palm Frond (2)Palm Frond (1)

(Two images) The fanciful frond of a Palmetto, photographs taken at the Tallahassee Museum.