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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

When we visited New Orleans for a week, our last night we went on a ghost tour. The night was perfect –  a full moon, cloudy sky, wind blowing, just the right combination. All of the buildings looked spooky at night, in particular, the house with the green and purple lights. I thought these pictures are perfect for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


In this week’s photo challenge,  document a moment in time through a single image. In this split-second story, my niece is capturing an image of this street musician while I’m photographing her and the street scene. In a split second, you can experience just about anything in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Houses of the Dead

I’ve always been fascinated by cemeteries, particularly the older cemeteries, the workmanship on the statues and “houses for the dead” is just incredible, just think that those pieces were hand carved. There are so many untold stories held in these places. The above-ground cemeteries in New Orleans are home to these “houses for the dead.” Read below for some history about St. Louis Cemetery #1.

Established in 1789, St. Louis No. 1 is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, located on Basin Street, just one block from the French Quarter. The cemetery was built when New Orleans was under Spanish control, so the wall vault system was used. This system was also practical because New Orleans is under sea level and below-ground burials caused caskets to float. In 1788, the city was in serious need of burial space because of the fire that destroyed more than 80% of the city in one night. In addition, there was a flood, as well as the infamous yellow fever epidemic, that overcrowded the city’s first cemetery on St. Peter Street.

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A statue of Diana and her dog at the Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. What a gorgeous statue!

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A Word a Week Challenge: Face


The face on this statue is haunting, yet endearing; she sits atop one of the houses for the dead in St. Louis Cemetery I in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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