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Magical Moon


Christmas Full Moon, December 25, 2015 … It was indeed a magical moon when I was finally able to capture this shot, after many, many attempts. Trees visible without washing out the bella luna, it was a difficult feat indeed. Perseverance pays.

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Near Super Moon


It’s a good thing I practiced taking photographs of the near Super Moon Saturday night (8/9), because the clouds and rain moved in last night. I hooked my camera body to my telescope … and thankfully had a moon filter … and this is the uncropped image. Wow, right?!? It was worth the massive mosquito bites. lol

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Slice of the Moon


Beautiful, crisp nights just perfect for night-sky exploration. Bella Luna!

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Twenty-Minute View of the Heavens

ImageThese are star trails captured during a 20-minute time-lapse view into the celestial heavens.

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I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me

IMG_6368-2Bella Luna! I never tire of looking at the moon, tonight I used the telescope as my camera body’s lens.