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The Watcher


Looking up through the most massive and ancient Southern Live Oak tree I’ve seen yet this lifetime, this is “Mags,” who has resided in what is now Lichgate in Tallahassee, Florida. I cannot even describe just how large Mag’s trunk is, perhaps large enough to encompass 20 people? Maybe more? This is a view looking up just one of her branches. I look at this picture and see her head leaning back and arms outstretched as she stands tall, watching over all that occurs in her domain.

Lichgate once belonged to Dr. Laura Pauline Jepsen, a Florida State University English Professor for more than 30 years. She sought out a location to build her dream home, an English Tudor cottage, and it was this tree that led her to build at this location. What an inspiring quote from Dr. Jepsen herself:

It was a tree to inspire poets.” 

Thanks to Laura Jepsen, through her donation of Lichgate, many generations of Tallahassee residents and visitors have enjoyed this piece of heaven on Earth, tucked away, and just waiting to be discovered by the next lucky person. The minute I saw one of her huge branches, I gasped in awe. Mags is truly one heck of a tree.

And I do love trees. 🙂

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The Wishing Tree


There’s a tree in the woods, grand and majestic, arms outreached toward the sky. Reminds me of special times. This is how I spent Mother’s Day celebrating the life my mom gave me, and the appreciation I share with her for nature and the beauty all around us.


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Lafayette Park Oak Trees

We are blessed with moss-kissed, fern-growing, branch-sprawling old Oak trees here in the South. These are true historical relics. I wonder what all they’ve seen throughout the years. Well, last weekend, one of these grand Oaks stood witness and graced the backdrop of a memorable wedding between two soul mates, both of whom had waited just as long as I’d been married to have the same choice (16 years!). I’d say the trees were happy.

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The Old Oak Tree


(Two images) Every Monday and Wednesday we drive by this huge old Oak tree in one of the oldest neighborhoods (Indianhead Acres) in Tallahassee, Florida. This is one of the trees that I hope to recreate in a drawing or painting. We are so very lucky to have quite an abundance of old Oak trees in our area. They are simply magnificent!

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Old Oak Trees

You will find many of these old Southern Oak trees here in Tallahassee, Florida, and surrounding areas. These are my most favorite! (Three pictures)



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A Word a Week Challenge: Curve


The curves on these majestic old Southern Oak trees are so graceful. The first photo shows the curves of the tree against a building with curved windows. The second photo shows several Oak trees’ upper branches curving. Both of these grand trees are located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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