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Day 118 – Nature Has a Pattern

Don’t go through life, grow through life. –¬†Eric Butterworth

Each and every day is a learning experience, whether we know we learned or not. Sometimes the lesson doesn’t be come clear until way down the road. It’s kind of like you are where you’re supposed to be, regardless of if it feels good or not.

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture was inspired by what I found when looking for something else. It might not be disguised well, but I love what that little treasure was. Now I share it with you. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 117)

Was it powder on a glass surface? Or dust on a wooden surface? Not either of those, but interesting perspectives! How about a seashell?

I should have known I couldn’t fool Gail, she rang the ding-ding-ding bell on just the second guess. Yes, it was the inside of a seashell. I liked the very pale colors of blue and white, just like the colors of the ocean where it once lived.


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Day 76 – Curious Visions

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein

Simply being curious has led to many great photographs, numerous pieces of art, and is the cornerstone of being an artist.

So here’s to the curious people! And a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, may you find four-leaf clovers and see green.

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture is ready for you to guess. Do you know?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 75)

It sure looked like swirled ice cream or whipped cream, but the correct guess was of a seashell. I wish I had a picture available to show you the entire shell! But since I don’t, I can tell you that the image was looking down at the top of a “swirly” type shell, kind of like a miniature conch shell. I am simply fascinated by the patterns, shapes, and swirls of seashells.