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Sunspots Galore


Thanks to Andrew for the heads-up about the solar activity and sunspots, including a massive one!

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Sunspots! Sunspots!


Lots of solar activity today, numerous spots viewed while taking pictures using my camera, telescope, and solar filter.

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The Traveling Sun Spot

I viewed the sun at three different times today, and each time this glorious orb gave much to see. Following are pics from the second and third viewings (using my telescope, camera, and solar filter). Click the pictures to see the descriptions and all of the sun spots!Image

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Monster Sun Spot!

Lots of solar activity today, including a monster sun spot!
This photo was taken with a 2x “doubler” so this picture is not cropped! Looks much more impressive through the eyepiece, in this case, my camera.
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Solar Sensations


If you want to see some other truly amazing sun photos, visit Andrew’s “Above the Clouds” blog at 🙂

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Red Sun Rising


The sun is alive with sun spots today! Got a new t-ring adapter that allows my camera to attach to my telescope, and am very happy that it works much easier than my older one. I’ll be taking more pictures this evening!

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Finding the Sun

20130302-IMG_6172Today we broke out my telescope and managed to locate all of the pieces and parts necessary to photograph the sun in all her glory, particularly the solar filter! (Otherwise, not only would you go blind, but you’d fry your camera and telescope equipment.)

20130302-IMG_6171-2Lots of clouds rolled in, but I am thankful for getting several good shots. And more thankful to dear hubby who patiently got the sun in view and in focus. You’d think finding a huge golden orb would be easy, but it’s not!

20130302-IMG_6183There are sun spots on the top left and bottom middle. Because these were taken with the telescope as my camera lens, the images are reverse of what you’d see.