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Cracks in My Soul


I suppose the holes in my heart make room for the light. Cracks in my soul let the light in, sparkles in me.

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Are You Ready for Some Football?!?

2014_02_01_9999_191Last year at this time, my die-hard football fanatic friend, Mitch, had posted about “the big day” and being my usual sarcastic self, commented, “You mean there’s something going on today? Oh yeah, I’m going to redecorate my porch with all the goodies I got at Home Goods last night!” His reply, “Oh Schelley.” (I can envision him shaking his head.) “It’s the game!” “Oh, is WWF on tonight?” I, of course, knew it was the Super Bowl, but I always like to play dumb with Mitch when it comes to football.

Well, except for Florida State University football. Having been a Tallahassee Lassie my entire life – and having gone to elementary, middle, and high school on FSU campus – AND having gone to college and graduated from the College of Communications at FSU – AND my father having been a professor at the College of Business at FSU for well over three decades – well, you could say that FSU courses through my blood. Tallahassee, Florida, is a college town (FSU, FAMU, TCC) and we take our FSU football seriously!

Now I will admit to going through close to a decade of football fever burnout. This happened around the time of getting married and having Ian. Family just took precedence over football. And it’s not much fun lugging around an infant, the “Mule bag” as my hubby liked to call it, around some 35,000+ screaming football fans. The party starts well before the game, as tailgating is found all around the surrounding area of people ready for some football! But alas, by the time Ian turned nine, the football fever had returned. Plus, we were given three tickets because my sis-in-law and nieces had become ill, so we took their spots. How can you say no to a free FSU football game? You don’t.

2013_11_16_9999_28I was simply amazed to see how quickly Ian became one of us FSU football fans, and quickly learn all of our special football traditions. The Seminole war chant, the wave, the “1st Down” finger, the pounding of the feet, the excitement of the crowd, all garnet and gold, is contagious. It’s exciting. It’s college football! So needless to say, we’ve been to several home games now, and we’ve faithfully watched – or listened to the radio traveling the state of Florida – our awesome FSU football team beat every other team during the 2013 football season. We then went on to win the ACC championship. Then we went on to the BSC Championship game vs. Auburn in Pasadena. Our beloved FSU team WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Now that’s something to cheer about! Which I did, very loudly. If you happened to see the game, you know it wasn’t a blowout. As a matter of fact, we were losing most of the game. It was what you call a “nail biting” game. Except for I cursed. Very loudly. A lot.

My son, Ian, who had already gone to bed, came out to say, “Mommy, I think the state of Texas can hear you.” I responded, “Well, I’m a NOLE and we do it BIG!” The three of us watched the final minutes of the game. All three of us were cheering. “Hear that roar?” I posted on Facebook. “That’s Tallahassee roaring right now!” “That’s how we play football.” I’m getting goosebumps just remembering how exciting it was to watch our team work their way to the #1 spot.

2014_02_01_9999_158Yesterday, February 1st, Tallahassee finally got to celebrate with our beloved FSU football team at the celebration held at Doak S. Campbell Stadium. It was a great day for us 35,000 fans getting to relive some of those moments, hear from Famous Jameis (Winston), our freshman Heisman-winning quarterback, Jimbo Fisher, the coach who has quickly won the love of all of us fans, and many others. Then we got to GO ON THE FIELD to meet the players and coach. Talk about exciting.

Last night, when I put Ian to bed, he said that at the stadium he was so excited he almost cried. I told him I knew exactly the feeling, and that it’s normal. It’s those time when the goosebumps arrive, and you’ve got a bump in the back of your throat, you’re so proud and part of the excitement, that you do want to cry tears of utter joy.

So are you ready for some football? Tonight’s the “big game.” It’s called the Super Bowl, Mitch. Will I watch it? Sure, parts of it. I actually love the commercials. But it’s not FSU football.

That’s where my heart lives. 😀

P.S. Jimbo Fisher was giving autographs, so Paul got his National Championship hat signed, Ian got his commemorative poster signed, and me? I asked Jimbo to sign my Canon 70-200mm 4.0 L lens (since I’ve taken so many pictures of FSU football with this lens). Now I call it my “Jumbo Jimbo Lens!” I said to Coach Fisher, “Next season I want to be on the field taking pictures of your awesome team.” He said, “That would be fine with me!” So I’m going to make it happen. Maybe you’ll see me on the field with my JJL. And Mitch. (He’s a great photographer who just so happens to be at ALL of the FSU games.)

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Daily Prompt: All About Me: What Is It?!?

The concept is simple: to post a photograph daily for 365 days, but not just any photograph, instead, macro photographs. And not just macro photographs, but to create images of ordinary objects that no longer look familiar to you, the reader. When you look at these pictures, you think, “what is it?!?”

Merge these funky photographs with some quotes, some writing, a little poetry, sometimes a little humor, and the “What Is It?!? A 365-Day Project in Perspective” blog was born. The title just seemed to fit.

The idea was the inspiration from Noah Scalin’s book, “365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life!  Besides the premise of doing something creative for 365 days (and creating this blog as suggested), that’s about all I managed to follow from this book. But that’s me. I’ve never kept the lines inside of the box. I’m the one that colors outside the lines, makes my own pattern, and meanders down a different road. I love to explore!

But I needed something to corral my creative energy and this book was exactly the tool I needed to start my latest adventure. See, one of my problems is I like to do everything creative, that means I’ve drawn, painted, carved, tie-dyed, crocheted, sewed, ceramics, pottery, origami, jewelry, macrame, celtic art, scrapbooking, mosaics, just to name a few … see, I could probably tell you what I haven’t done, that list would be shorter! Unfortunately, I start many, many projects but rarely finish one. So I thought maybe I can start this project and actually see it to its end. So far, we’re at day number 44. I’ve got a ways to go.

My premise is you can take these ordinary objects, and by looking at them differently, whether at a different angle, upside down, sideways, and really close up, your perception changes. Take this object out of context and suddenly you don’t know what it is anymore! What looks like a zipper, a tool, or a grater is really an earring. The picture that looks like foam on a latte, cinnamon on whipped cream, an orange, foam at the beach, or the inside of a shell is actually a gemstone. The thing that looks like a gemstone? It’s really an ice cube.

So I invite you to join “What Is It?!?” A 365-Day Project in Perspective.” and peruse my daily mystery “what is it?!?” picture. Each day I post a new, wacky photograph, in addition to a “What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture” section, where I give you the answer for the previous day’s image. Sometimes I even post another picture to show you a different perspective of the same object.

You can play along! My hope is this blog continues to grow and becomes interactive. Because I bet your perspective will change once you look at something differently.

What Is It?!?” Take a look and tell me your perspective.


The Daily Prompt: About Me: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap – eBook or Printed?

I have always loved books; as a child, a book fair at school was pure heaven. The book store was even better! I was a library-card holding book worm! My books became cherished items – just as much or more so – than my toys. When I was 12, I asked for a dictionary for Christmas, and was uber delighted in this huge, mammoth book of words that Santa delivered. I still have that dictionary.

Words, words, words. My entire career has been built around words. I am a lover of the printed word. My bookshelves overflow with way too many books and not enough shelves. The books are three rows deep! And all over the place.

So when the Daily Post posed the question of whether we prefer eBooks over printed books (and to blog about it, thus, this post), my mind became a quandary. I am torn. I love both.

Honestly, I did not think I’d ever like reading on an electronic device – and resisted doing so for quite some time. And a disclaimer here: I love my technological gadgets! But I thought “there’s no way I’d ever like this over a real book.” And then my hubby gave me an electronic reader. I found it … easy to use!

And easy to buy books! Holy smokes, I can buy a book on this device and be reading in less than a minute! I don’t need storage space on my bookshelves for this book. And when I finish said book in less than three days, guess what … I can order another one! Painless ordering. Talk about instantaneous gratification, I am spellbound. I am hooked.

I don’t even want to know how many books I breezed through over the course of just last year. Most of them were on the technological gadgets – note that plural use – and found that I enjoyed it. I could purchase a book on one device and read it on multiple gadgets, even my computer!

But I felt like I was cheating.

Seriously! Because with an eBook, I can read anything, at any time, buy a book at 3:22 in the morning if I want, read that book in the dark because my iPad, iPhone, or Kindle Fire are all back lit. No need for lights or tiny book lights. I can prop up my device and read hands free!

But I’m not shopping in the local bookstore. Where I live, we have already lost Borders, a Barnes & Noble, and a Books A Million. I love book stores! I love perusing book cover designs, it’s the artwork or the wording that normally lures me. It’s kind of hard to do that on an electronic device (even if you do see a thumbnail image).

I don’t ever get a chance to put my imprint on that printed book if I’m reading it as an eBook. There’s something beautiful about a book that has been read many times, with all of its cracks in the spine, the worn edges of pages, the whiff of old book smell. It’s kind of hard to experience that on an electronic device. (I’m not holding my breath for the invention of eSniff devices!)

So I’m truly torn in claiming devotion for either the eBook or printed book. Although there are so many advantages of the eBooks (that instant dictionary feature by clicking a word is awesome, by the way), I feel disloyal to those printed relics crammed on my bookshelves.

Last week I took my 10-year old son to the book store, relishing the fact that he requested to go, and enjoyed a good meandering through the racks and racks of that printed word. Words, words, words, I can’t get enough!

I picked up the Life of Pi and quickly knew it would be accompanying me home, regardless of if there’s space or not on the overflowing bookshelves. I won’t be able to read it at night without a light, can’t look up a word just by clicking it, and I’ll have to actually turn the page. But I think I can live with that.

I can’t wait!

P.S. Please don’t tell my books but I plan on reading on my eBook devices again. 🙂


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Super Sunday! In a Football Minute

In a Football Minute …


I was just a mere teenager when I discovered the big difference between guys and girls (okay, I discovered just one of many big differences) – our perception of time. Time, such a simple concept, where a minute is composed of 60 seconds, an hour is composed of 60 minutes. That’s indisputable. But we opposite sexes don’t seem to function on the same clock, do we? Have you ever asked a member of that male species to do something and you hear this in return? “In a minute, honey.”

Yeah, right. In a football minute you mean. Because in your world, a minute is not necessarily 60 seconds, is it? Not in a football minute.

Because in the American game of football (not to be confused with soccer!), which is composed of four 15-minute quarters, you’d think the game would end within an hour, right? But this sport does not last anywhere near an hour, it can last for hours! Because remember, football is composed of football minutes. Sixty entire instances of football minutes, oh my gosh!, we could be here all day!

In a football minute, there is no set time of 60 seconds – no, one minute could turn into two, or five, or even 10. But that time clock seems to never tick down. After all, there are breaks, time outs, referee disputes, lots of reasons why the clock stands still. A football minute is not 60 seconds.

So that’s my theory. The men’s internal time clock operates on football minutes. I have to think about this reality anytime I ask my husband (or even my son!) to do something. “I’ll do it in a minute, in just a minute!”

Sigh. I know that nothing ever happens in a minute in their world. Yes, honey, I know you’ll get it done.

In a football minute.


P.S. It only took me a couple of decades to finally write this piece. That’s because I was operating on football minute time! 🙂