Wow. I didn’t expect to have to create an Awards page here on “What Is It?!?” just 63 days into this 365-Day Project in Perspective, but here we are. I wouldn’t be doing this if not for Carissa, who has not only nominated me for two awards, she has also inspired me. The community of bloggers here at is a wonderful addition to my life and ongoing project.

The Very Inspiring Blogger 2013 Award

very inspiring blogger award 2013

I am humbled by this first award nomination by Carissa at I’m supposed to tell you eight things about myself and then nominate 12 other bloggers for awards. Because I’m such a “newbie” (as of early March 2013), I feel like I don’t know that many bloggers well enough to make a nomination. Well, except for Carissa atΒ http://ramblingsofabipolarwoman.wordpress.comΒ and Jerry at, two of my favorite guessers of my daily pics. I love their imaginations! Carissa is an excellent, eloquent writer with a great sense of humor and perspective. Jerry takes and posts beautiful, inspiring photographs, and is quick with wit and humor. I look forward to our almost-daily interactions. And yes, I’ll admit, I get a kick knowing when I’ve stumped someone with my mystery pics! Once I get to know other sites and people better, I will continue to grow this list of nominees. πŸ™‚ Now for the eight facts about me:

  1. I’m determined to never grow up. I might get older each year, but I still feel like only a mature kid.
  2. Peter Pan is my all-time favorite Disney movie (perhaps this is why I’m determined to never grow up?).
  3. I’m an incessant reader; my mom taught me to speed read when I was six years old. I actually got in trouble once because a teacher thought I wasn’t paying attention – until I quoted, word for word, the subject matter that I had read – to the assistant principal. Oh, was my mom upset with that teacher! And obviously I was too. I try not to devour a book in one or two sittings – it’s quite difficult.
  4. I love to bake. My grandma and mom started a bakery when my mom was in high school, that’s what enabled my grandparents to send her to college. After the bakery, they were no longer poor, and with good investments, had a nice, healthy, wealthy life. I am blessed and honored to have learned how to bake from these incredible women. My brother claims my yeast rolls are better than my grandma’s … and I take that as a mighty compliment! My next yeasty project is croissants. Mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm.
  5. I’m short. Oh yes, another reason why I refuse to grow up is because I stopped growing height-wise, in about the 7th grade, only made it to 4 feet, 11 3/4 inches. Don’t leave out that 3/4 of an inch! I’m afraid my 10 1/2 year-old son, who already has grown past my eyebrows, will tower over me within the next year. Some of his classmates already are taller. Well, maybe that’s why I get along so well with the kids, I’m at their eye level. πŸ˜‰
  6. I love big cats and little cats, too. I’d love to put my arms around a lion or tiger and scratch their chins. We have two Florida Panthers at the Tallahassee Museum that I love to photograph, they are such glorious creatures. I hope to go on the Big Cat Rescue personal tour here in Florida to get close to these big beasts. BTW, I highly recommend reading “The Life of Pi,” which is about a Bengal tiger and a stranded boy in the sea. The movie was incredible, the book even more so.
  7. My family consists of two boys – one big and one small – the big one is my hubby, who also refuses to grow up (maybe that’s why I like him), and the small one is our son. Okay, I’ve already established he’s not so small. We also have three cats, Shadow, Diamond, and Spot. Shadow and Diamond are the girls, and they never give Spot, the young boy, any breaks. Poor Spot.
  8. I love to laugh. Laughing is the best medicine for everything! Heck, I even amuse myself. I have lately discovered the TV show, “Duck Dynasty.” Never in a million years would I have thought I would like a show so much and laugh so hard at watching these crazy long-bearded men. And women (sans the long beards), heaven forbid should I forget Miss Kay! They’re all just good ole’ boys, and that’s what I grew up with. All I can say is, they make me happy, happy, happy!

Best Moment Award


This is the second award I’ve been nominated by Carissa atΒ Β I am so honored! I cannot thank Carissa enough for her recognition or her wonderful, inspiring words. I am thrilled to already call Carissa “friend.” I encourage you, dear reader, to check out her blog, as the read is well worth it!

Another person who is inspiring to me is Krzysztof Alexandrowicz atΒ Krzysztof has reblogged several of my posts and has said some very encouraging words to me as an artist. I am truly honored that Krzysztof showcases my photography/art on his own site.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all, who have inspired me, made guesses on my funky pictures, and for the encouragement to continue!

Thank You for the Honors

It’s mid April now and I have been nominated for several other awards, and although I am very humbled and honored, I just cannot find the time to do all the homework associated with the awards. Nonetheless, I would like to publicly thank the following folks for their nominations and encouragement!

Liebster Award

Thank you, Lisa, from Sea Play Photography for her nomination of What Is It?!? for the Liebster award.


And another thank you to Cindy, from Late at Night for my second nomination for the Liebster award!

And yet another huge thank you to Little Bird’s DadΒ for the third nomination for the Liebster award!

Thank You Award


A super huge THANK YOU! to Andrew at Above the Clouds for his “Thank You” Award nomination. Actually, I have an additional thank you for Andrew, as his enthusiasm and encouragement of my astrophotography pictures has inspired me to spend lots more time viewing the sun (and night sky). I’m enthralled with how the sun changes from day to day, sometimes even hour to hour.


12 thoughts on “Awards”

  1. Congrats on your awards and thanks for visiting my blog and following it. I aspire to get blogger awards like you someday.


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