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Apatite Stone


I’ve been fascinated by rocks and gemstones ever since a wee toddler, and I’ve gathered several (cough, cough) of these beautiful stones over the years. Now I want to learn all about them! I love using my macro lens to get really close up shots, because you usually see things you can’t. This is a blue apatite stone, and it’s about the size of a dime. My blue apatite is very smooth on both sides and comforting to touch, and shows off such a glorious composition of colors and sparkles.

Beauty is hidden everywhere, you merely have to look!

Macro Monday | 02-08-16


I call this the “popcorn tree” because these buds resemble popped corn; however, I’ll leave these for the birds and other critters to enjoy!

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Vibrant | Photo Challenge 01-29-16


Sometimes the sun casts its magical rays and I’m one lucky photographer to capture her reflections in my pictures. In this case, when I photographed these antique cordial glasses, the setting sun cast its reflections on the glass, resulting in a perfect example of vibrant.

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I truly love capturing wispy images, such as this grass. Adore the abstract look!

Circle | Photo Challenge 01-01-16


One of the prettiest covers I’ve ever seen adorns a sidewalk in Tampa, Florida; my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge, Circle.

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