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Macro Monday | 06-29-15


A wildflower, a weed, a flower, it’s all the same to me: beauty on a Monday!

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Fabulous Friday | 06-26-15


It’s a monumental and fabulous Friday! Love is bright and vivid and shows its beauty in all forms. Love to all!

The Hidden Gem in the Grass


While playing an adventure of “what can I find today lurking in the grass?” I found these beautiful purple wildflowers, small clumps growing wild in that grass. Lucky me!



Here’s my rendition of “Hawkeye,” as this hawk certainly had his eye trained on me the entire time I focused my camera on him.

Macro Monday | 06-15-15


Just another Macro Monday, this week a wildflower (a weed, a flower, a wildflower), from Ninety Six, South Carolina.

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