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Macro Monday | 04-25-16


When the dark rain stops, the light is even more beautiful than ever before. 

Posted in honor of an enormously talented musical genius and humanitarian, and a very special light maker; may Prince’s light continue to shine through all the others that carry the light. They’re the beautiful ones.

Even when they don’t know it.

P.S. Did you know that Prince wrote many hit songs for other performers? I can’t help but sing “Just another Macro Monday” in place of “Just another manic Monday,”  each time I make one of these posts. I didn’t realize he wrote this song for the Bangles.

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Dinnertime: Bee Treats | 04-15-16


Several weeks ago I discovered the “Honeysuckle Tree,” a native tree that grows wild around Havana, Florida, and is a member of the azalea family. (Yes, those stamens sure do look like azaleas, don’t they?!?) While I was snapping photos of this beautiful, unusual tree, a bee flew in, buzzing about, seeming quite excited about dinnertime.

Mmmmm, tasty treats,” says the Bee.

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