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Macro Monday | 02-23-15


A weed is a wildflower is a flower. :-)

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Lafayette Park Oak Trees

We are blessed with moss-kissed, fern-growing, branch-sprawling old Oak trees here in the South. These are true historical relics. I wonder what all they’ve seen throughout the years. Well, last weekend, one of these grand Oaks stood witness and graced the backdrop of a memorable wedding between two soul mates, both of whom had waited just as long as I’d been married to have the same choice (16 years!). I’d say the trees were happy.

Macro Monday | 02-16-15


One of those “artsy-fartsy” shots I discovered while trekking some woods in Wakulla Springs State Park, Florida. :-)

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Macro Monday | 02-09-15


A late winter/early spring camellia blossom.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

When you’re at any space facility, particularly Kennedy Space Center in Florida, you find a universe full of out-of-this-world scale perspectives. Whether standing on a launch pad, seeing how massive the Liquid Hydrogen Flammable Gas tank looks in comparison to the tiny people on that “Ultra Boom” lift – or perhaps your mouth drops when you realize just how large the United Launch Alliance rocket boosters are, filling an entire building! Look at those workers having to get on fork lifts to even reach them! And, of course, there’s always reason to have fun; in this case, our friend’s miniature astronaut poses. (Of course, it’s a somber background with the fallen astronaut memorial behind the lil’ guy.)

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The Dancing Knotty Tree


While exploring the Wakulla Springs State Park trail, we came upon this knotty tree, which looks like a dancing figure to me. I just love nature, don’t you?!?

Macro Monday | 02-02-15


The start of a tree, circle of life.

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The Hawks

We have a pair of hawks that regularly call our neighborhood home; I spotted both of them on the roof of two houses last evening. They are beautiful, graceful creatures. I’d love to capture an image of them flying!

Macro Monday | 01-26-15


Just a leaf in the grass, one of many multitudes of life living within the blades.

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