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You know you’re in the South (United States) when there are canopies of old Oak trees. A favorite spot and favorite trees!



Looking up seems to have been a constant theme in my life this past week. You never know what you’ll find once you open your eyes!

Raining Lilies


(Four photos) This morning I walked outside to discover my garden filled with rain lilies that bloomed overnight. These lilies started off as seeds, a gift from my mom’s garden. She sure has been on my mind lately, and these rain lilies always remind me of her. After flowering, these turn to seed pods, which are filled with black flakes that scatter and then turn into more rain lilies. This was the universe telling me my mom still lives in my heart and soul, and just a bit in my garden. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit her green thumb. Or perhaps it’s the lack of time. ;-)

Macro Monday | 05-18-15


Whatever this is, it’s pretty unusual and bizarre. No wonder I like it, reminds me of myself. :-)

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Sky View


A crisp blue sky, a few fluffy white clouds, some very green trees, and a gentle breeze can make a day entirely beautiful. :-)



Green, green, green grasses swaying, swaying, swaying in the breeze.

The Wishing Tree


There’s a tree in the woods, grand and majestic, arms outreached toward the sky. Reminds me of special times. This is how I spent Mother’s Day celebrating the life my mom gave me, and the appreciation I share with her for nature and the beauty all around us.


Macro Monday | 05-11-15


Sweet spring wildflowers.

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