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The Elusive Woodpecker

Last month I discovered a juvenile woodpecker that had become a regular visitor to our Bradford Pear Tree. Since then, I’ve seen the entire family of woodpeckers behind our house. Unfortunately, now that I’m “stalking” the birds, I have yet to see him/her in the tree again. However, I lucked out yesterday, when I heard this elusive woodpecker’s call and spotted him one of the trees out back. I had to crank my neck to get these shots! I do believe this is the juvenile. I would love to get a good shot of the woodpecker with the full red crown. Be sure to check out the visible holes in the tree branch.

10 thoughts on “The Elusive Woodpecker”

      1. Can’t remember if it was me or my Altered Ego πŸ™‚ , Douglas that mentioned we had a Woodpecker just the once on the property. Heard it before I saw it and when it came into view it was gone in a flash.
        Never seen one since.


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