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Wordless Wednesday | 09-24-14


Normally I’m a “good girl” and don’t post any words with my “Wordless Wednesday” images, but this time, I have to break the rules! (After all, rules are MEANT to be broken, right?) This image I took late Wednesday evening (09/17/14) after I had arrived in Titusville, Florida, for my #NASASocial event. This beautiful sunset provided a good omen for the next three days. Except for the scrubbed launch! I still kick myself for leaving!

Oh well, such is the nature of launching vehicles into space.

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday | 09-24-14”

  1. Loved it, Schelley! The rocket did not get a boost this time, but we got a big one with your marvelous photo and text! Thanks so much! A big smile from San Diego! πŸ™‚


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