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Macro Monday | 03-23-15


Our Bradford Pear tree is in full bloom, spring has indeed arrived in Tallahassee, Florida.

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22 thoughts on “Macro Monday | 03-23-15”

  1. What a way to say hi to the spring! You and yours have a wonderful season! PS: … and the flowers smile like Schelley does. And it is no coincidence! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jude! It’s funny to look at the ground beneath this tree because there are little white petals all over. I’m *trying* to get more camera time in these days. The new house construction is well under way and I’m well above my neck in 16+ years of accumulated stuff … which means I’m purging and packing. (And I curse myself for being such a packrat all these years.)


  2. I JUST got a lens for my Pentax Q7 that will focus very close. It’s not a “true” macro lens (not designated as such by the manufacturer), but it is fast (f1.8) and does its best work at 8-16 inches. Which I am hoping will give me a chance at doing some “almost macro” work. Especially should spring and flowers ever materialize in New England. Thank you for feeding my spring-hunger!


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