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Sweet Little Stamens


We have these wild bushes growing behind our house, which have these itsy-bitsy pink flowers. I wish I knew “what is it?!?” Oh, the irony! (Two pictures)


11 thoughts on “Sweet Little Stamens”

  1. could it be a deutzia?
    “deutzia are often grown for their numerous, five-petalled flowers that are cup or star-shaped and often fragrant. These flowers are usually white or pink, borne in terminal or axillary racemes, cymes, panicles or corymbs, from mid spring to midsummer.”
    Jude xx


  2. These photos capture something of the mystery of how we see. . . how yes, with our naked eye, we can focus almost exclusively on a little detail, while the surroundings buffer and blur, and our heart and mind, in a dance together, swirl.


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