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The Pine Forest


There’s a section of pine forest at the Lake Jackson Indian Mounds, which is just gorgeous in the fall/winter. The pine needles drop and cover the ground, giving a soft, warm glow.

14 thoughts on “The Pine Forest”

      1. My friend from Tallahassee was telling me about the long-leaf pine and the gopher turtle, and I wondered what a long-leaf pine looked like. She said it’s the most endangered ecosystem in the world, and that the gopher turtle is essential to the ecosystem. I was considering telling a fairy tale with one.


            1. The Apalachee Indian tribe lived there. The park has two main mounds you can walk up the steps to the top, but there are several other mounds in the woods. I just love it there. We also scattered my mom’s ashes in the creek that runs next to a mound. She always took us kids there for weekly picnics. Ian and i carry on that tradition.


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