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What Is It?!? – Week 29/52

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. – Dr. Seuss

Well, I finally did it, I missed an entire week of posting. Somehow Week 28 disappeared in my world – as we were on a fun-filled vacation in Costa Rica. But now I’m trying to get back on track. So let’s pick up and forget last week. Here is your 29th weekly “what is it?!?” mystery picture, ready for your guessing pleasure. Can you tell? Do you know?

What Is It?!? Week 29/52


What Was That?!? Week 27/52

Tracey guessed it immediately, “So this weeks pic … fireworks?” Dang. Ding ding ding! Yep, fireworks, taken as I was zooming in and out. Great guess! “Yay! But I have to admit, on July 4th I got a lot of photos like this, so this was kid of easy for me.”



Maybe this week’s will be just a tad harder? 😀


13 thoughts on “What Is It?!? – Week 29/52”

        1. Scrap that answer – I had another look and thought it looked like some kind of carnivorous plant – so I’m going for the Dutchman’s Pipe, which I believe eats insects.


  1. Jude beat me to it!! The Dutchman’s Pipe is a climbing vine plant that I’ve photographed a few times at RHS Wisley in the tropical Glasshouse 🙂 The flowers are fascinating! The petal is tissue-paper thin and they look amazing when the sun catches them from behind.


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