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Day 92 – The Stuff Is Everywhere!

The sun is new each day. – Heraclitus

I have become thoroughly enthralled with the sun lately, taking as many pictures as I possibly can throughout the day, just to see what surprises are in store. These surprises are massive sun spots (yesterday’s looked like a heart), or flares, sometimes both. I now view the sun as I do everything else – a mystery waiting to be revealed.

Yesterday I decided to take a picture of something that is very, very prominent this time of year in the region I live (Northern Florida), I even talked about this on my personal Facebook page. How daring I’ve become! I thought it might be a giveaway, funny thing is, it wasn’t and I’ve still got friends guessing today.

But for today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture, I suddenly had an idea of something to photograph, thank you muse! That was simple, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The question is, can you tell what it is? Do you know?

What Is It?!?

ImageWhat Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 91)

First, I’ll tell you what yesterday’s subject was not: not chenille, nor any type of fabric. It also wasn’t the surface of a colored Easter egg or egg shells. It wasn’t bread or a gold medallion. And it wasn’t a gold Hershey’s Kiss wrapper. But yum!

It’s springtime here in Tallahassee, Florida. What happens during this time? Lots of budding trees, plants, and flowers. What does that produce … EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING?


Pollen. Yellow pollen. This is what my outside dining table looked like before I removed said pollen. Interesting patterns, but yucky stuff!

14 thoughts on “Day 92 – The Stuff Is Everywhere!”

    1. Sad thing is, everything I cleaned off yesterday has a fresh coat of pollen again (just not as severe). ARGH!

      Today’s picture is not of shampoo, but I can definitely “see” what you’re seeing. 😉


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