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Day 125 – Radioactive Pizza … Mmmmm?

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. – Demosthenes

I still cannot fathom that I’ve stuck with this project for 125 days straight, but hard to believe I’ve got almost twice as many days to go! Alas, I’m looking at the big picture instead of focusing on the smaller one. (pun intended)

Like today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture, the focus is a narrow depth of field. Oh, how this subject has evolved from what it originally was. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 124)

It looked like cloth netting. Or a close up of red colored tile. Or a story from Terry …

A new pizza ingredient.

Tony only ever wanted to make pizzas.
He saved his money by working two jobs.
His mates were having a good time and Tony was working. Chasing his dream was making him a little bit crazy but he could not stop now; if he did it would all be for nothing.
Finally the day came when he had accumulated enough capital to set up his pizza shop. Unfortunately for Tony it had taken him many years to get the money together and in that time four pizzas shops had opened in his town. Pizza wars had broken out a few years earlier and so margins were tight.

There was only one thing for it.
Tony had to come up with a new pizza topping; something delicious that no one had thought of so far. This was a big ask as there were now some amazing pizza toppings available.
Tony was not going to see his dream die, but what to do?

The idea came to him while wandering around his local antique shop.
In a case, way in the back, there was an old ‘glow in the dark watch’.
Many people had developed skin cancer from the radioactive material in the watch hands but people at the time were amazed at a watch that you could see in the dark.
Tony thought, ‘back lighting, you half wits’, but then he remembered that watches didn’t have batteries back then.

But, the point was made, at least to Tony.
People will buy almost anything, especially if it glows in the dark!

Fortunately Tony had a contact at the local US air base. They had heaps of radio active stuff just lying around and with their economy in ruins they would be grateful for some solid currency.

Tony introduced his new pizza topping with great fanfare and celebration.
Instant overnight success that took many years to arrive rained down on Tony.

Sure, a few people died but no one made the connection.

Eventually everyone introduced glow in the dark toppings but by then Tony had sold his business to Google (they will buy almost anything).
Disney made a movie about his life (they changed quite a bit but no one noticed) and Tony retired to Queensland, the home of retired people who have made a lot of money from the general public…………. they also have a lot of hairdressers.

Well, the subject wasn’t really a glow-in-the-dark pizza topping, but kudos to Terry for such an imaginative, creative story! Alas, the subject is a miniature glowing lantern light. Here’s a larger perspective.


6 thoughts on “Day 125 – Radioactive Pizza … Mmmmm?”

  1. Verdigris.

    Most people don’t know what this is but Ver Digris the third knew what is was.
    It had haunted him most of his life.
    His great grandfather had discovered it and now it follows him where ever he goes.
    The fact that most people do not know what that green stuff that accumulates on copper is was no help to him. He went to a select school where only science nerds go. ‘Green Stuff’, that’s what they called him and at night he would cry himself to sleep next to the copper bedside lamp that his mother gave him. Ironic, yes………… parents can be thoughtless.


      1. Thank you. I’m glad you are enjoying them. It’s been fun.
        Inspiration is a funny thing, isn’t it.
        Sometimes I’m amazed where the ideas come from and where they end up.
        My muse (wife) has been away for a few days at a funeral (brother in law). I’m not too good when she is away………. one foot in front of the other…….. anxiety levels get a bit high………… dogs get very clingy. I’m not sure if it is my anxiety or the fact that they realise that I’m the only one of the pack that is left and they have to look after me as I know where the food is kept!


        1. Terry, you are right about inspiration. I, too, am amazed at how the creative process works, especially with writing. Where in the heck did that come from? I often wonder. 😉 I’m sorry to hear about your brother-in-law but glad you have your four-paws friends to help you out.


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